Bypass pruner X-gen 210mm.


Item code: 223-1-210

Тип замка: Safe Adjustable Lock


Вага, г: 240

Покриття леза: Teflon

Твердість леза: 58-60 HRC

Механізм: Tradition

Діаметр різу мм: 25

Тип: Площинний

Довжина, мм: 210

Бренд: My Garden

Прзначення: Живі та сухі гілки

Матеріал ручок: Надміцний алюміній + ПВХ

Матеріал леза: SK5 (Japan steel)

Code: 820150000

EAN: 4744201010968


Bypas pruner Y-Gen with alluminium handles in nylon coverage, non-removable. The blade is made of Japanese steel with Teflon coating, due to which the friction at cutting is reduced, which simplifies the work and further cleaning of the tool. Special joint construction facilitates the work. The mechanism of the lock is conveniently opened, closed by one hand and prevents accidental closing of the lock during operation.