Professional foam gun Pro+


Item code: 621-FT


Brand: My Tools

Code: 820559809

EAN: 4744201012108


This is a simple mechanism that provides reliable foam insulation. When the foam reacts with oxygen, a reaction occurs, and the foam increases in volume and hardens. The gun feeds an adjustable foam supply that allows you to fill the plane/seam without gaps. This tool will allow you to work efficiently and quickly. It will be a good addition to your suitcase of tools. No special knowledge or experience is required.

  • The long Teflon-coated steel tip allows you to work in tight and deep places. You do not need to have several guns to use them in different jobs. This model will help you save your money and energy.
  • The professional foam gun Pro+ has an ergonomic handle with TPR coating. This provides a reliable and comfortable grip. Holds well and securely in the hand, does not slip.
  • Suitable for all types of professional balloon systems. It has a wide range of applications from the installation of various parts and structures to the sealing of joints, cracks and holes. Universal, as its adapter is suitable for many types of cylinders.
  • A good and reliable assistant at work.
  • Size: 150x340x50 mm.
  • Weight: 467 g.
  • Length: 180 mm.