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Item code: 121-3-19

Довжина, м: 3

Клас точності: II

Захист полотна: Лаковане

Маркування полотна: Одностороннє

Гачок: Regular

Довжина баз зламу, м: 1,8

Тип замка: Safety Auto Lock

Матеріал корпусу: ABS (LG) + Soft Touch coating


Бренд: My Tool

Code: 901780100

EAN: 4744201013235


An integral tool in all construction and household work. The measuring tape is convenient and easy to use. With this tool, it is easy to measure the length of objects up to 3 m. Anyone can work with a tape measure.

A feature of roulette is an automatic canvas stopper, which blocks not the canvas itself, but the spring inside the case. The spring inside the housing is attached to a metal, not a plastic axis.

The marking is made in large black numbers on a light background, which contributes to better and higher quality work.

The fastening of a hook is executed by means of an additional plate that assumes shock loading at winding. This protection helps the specialist protect his hands from injury.

As for the body, it is comfortable and has an ergonomic shape. Made of ABS plastic – a durable, long-lasting, environmentally friendly material. Ultra-small size allows you to easily place the roulette in the palm of your hand. The rubber coating of the Soft Touch case prevents slipping from hands and also softens blows at falling. Protection of a cloth – varnished and it increases service life.

Item #: 121-3-19
Length: 3 m.
The width of the tape is 19 mm
Lock type: Safety Auto-Lock.
Housing material: ABS (LG) + Soft Touch coating.